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See what precautions have when traveling with pets, never forget to check everything before you travel. and never let go of the tips Brazil Tourism Guide


Travel with Pets
tips for traveling with pets

Making the case
Note the baggage of your dog. It can not miss:
Tab collar and
Card-carrying vaccination
Jars for food and water
Medication that usually take the dog, in addition to specific remedies prescribed by the veterinarian for exceptional cases, such as sickness during the trip. In the case of Kristal, the vet recommended Dramamine, which did not have to be used.
Dog bed
number of a doctor in the city where they are going to cases of emergency. In the case of Kristal, the vet who attended to during your stay in Rio de Janeiro was the dr. Cláudia Dantas, Barravet Veterinary Clinic. If you do not know a vet in town where you travel, ask your veterinarian for a suggestion of confidence.

Traveling? With or without your pet?

On holiday or on business, in our travels sometimes took our cat. Sometimes it does not and we must leave it to the care of someone. Both decisions require some care before you set foot on the road or airplane.

I will, my cat is. What to do for him and you stay safe, quiet (a)?

Most cats do not like traveling, and very homemade. Therefore, it is often not a good idea to take them with you on vacation.
If you plan to be out one day to another, we must take some steps for your cat to be well cared for. Get help from a neighbor or relative to come to your house at least once a day. Another alternative is to leave him in a hotel or cattery for cats, especially if your trip is last longer. Check out the site to see if the plant is the standard you expect. To alleviate the stress of changing environment, it is advisable that you take the "walk", the food and his toys.

Remember also that these hotels require that cats are to be hosted with the vaccination days. Some hotels also require the application of preventive treatment against fleas and ticks. Remember to leave your contact to the vet or cattery hotel in the event of an emergency.

Come together. What do I need to know to travel with my cat?
Pets will not poke his head in comic books, do not keep asking every 2 minutes "we're coming?" Or pour juice in the back seat, but also have specific needs during travel, so planning is important. These tips give you that Merial may help you see if your cat is ready to go just around the corner or travel around the world.

Before traveling
- First check if the traffic is allowed cats in transport medium to be used.
- If you are traveling to Brazil, as a precaution, write down the name of a veterinarian at the destination. Simply click on Faro Fino. the online guide to services for Merial
- Check with your veterinarian that the vaccination records of your cat is up and ask him advice on how to reassure your cat on longer trips and stressful.
- Familiarize your cat with the crate so he feels at home and safe.
- During the trip the way, try stopping places where animals are welcome.
- Try not to feed the cat for about six hours before the trip to minimize the chances of sickness in a car or airplane.

What you need to take
Depending on the type of transport and length of trip, consider taking the favorite toy for your cat. It should also take cleaning articles (including shovel and plastic bags), air cleaner and clean the carpet, food and treats, food and water bowl, spoon, can opener, articles to comb the hair, family bed or mattress.

When you travel, you use a tag on luggage with your name, address and contact information in case of loss, no? Cats should also always use an ID with name and contact information of the owner. Furthermore, it is important that this identification showing that your cat is vaccinated against rabies.

Safety and comfort in the car
- Even cats can become very quiet usually agitated when transported. Always use a secure shipping box and with good ventilation lined with newspaper. The ideal is that it has an opening on the top instead of at the end, it is much easier to take such a scaredy cat box, lifting it.

- Remember that, as a passenger, the cats could get hurt seriously and even fatally, in accidents even with the car at low speed. Use a crate or a safety belt fit for animals. There are various types of belts for cats on the market.

- When parking, look for a shady spot. Do not leave your cat alone in the car, even if only for a few minutes. Unaccompanied animals can be stolen or even panic when they see themselves in unfamiliar environments. And never leave your cat in the car at high temperatures; few minutes are enough to make the car look so hot as to cause heat stroke and dehydration. Low temperatures can lead to a drop in temperature (hypothermia), especially in cats too old or too new.

- On the charts, alternate with the other passengers so that your cat is always in somebody's company. Open up the windows to let in fresh air, but not much, but he can leave!

Safety and comfort on the plane
Take all the arrangements well in advance in case of travel by plane in cats and confirm the 24 to 48 hours before the flight. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, through the Office of Animal Health, specifies procedures for domestic and international transit of animals and the airlines require specific documentation on the health of the animal. The airlines allow small pets can travel in the passenger compartment if the kennel to meet the specifications board, or else you can buy it directly from the airline. Consult the airline to check standards and specific tariffs. This information is provided on the websites of airlines.

If your cat is traveling as cargo, be sure to put a label with the target location and contact details, and instructions on providing food and water. Plates of food and water should be fixed in the shipping box. Possibly you'll have to send your cat in the area of air freight terminal, and having to submit any documentation of health. Give preference to direct flights, or no scale.

Stopping during the trip
Traveling with a pet makes the trip a little longer. Try to keep the walks and food he is accustomed. Know that even peaceful cats can misbehave in strange environments. Bring documentation on cat health, including a certificate of rabies vaccination. Campgrounds and hotels that accept pets may require the submission of these documents.

Travel abroad
In case of international travel, make sure your cat meets all the standards required by the Office of Animal Health which controls and directs the activities of import and export of animals in Brazil. More information can be found at the Department of Agricultural Management Surveillance Also check with the embassy or consulate the specific requirements of each country of destination for incoming cats.



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