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See below to take or regulate your passport.

Take Passport

The Brazilian passport is the official document issued by the Department of Federal Police (DPF), which identifies the Brazilian citizen to the authorities of other countries, allowing the annotation of the input and output ports, airports and routes to international. Lets also contain visas to enter.

See step by step how to get passport on this site. Here you will have all the necessary information to take your passport. Check the necessary documents, embassies, vaccines for certain countries to take your passport and study options and work abroad. Be sure to access the session on a passport renewal and issuance of passports for minors.
Take your passport.

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Studying Abroad

How to study abroad, with specific courses for different areas like marketing, human resources, business, law, etc..
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Working Abroad

Work or internships, acquire new knowledge, to fund travel and meet a new culture.
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Italian Citizenship

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Visa is a document issued by a country giving a certain individual permission to enter the country for a certain period of time and for certain purposes. See all about taking seen in several countries.
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See all take on dual nationality.
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History of Passport

Complete history of the passport, as it emerged and how to get a passport.
Learn more about the history of the passport.

Passport Renewal

The passport may not be renewed, if the interest of the citizen should be asked again.

By identifying the validity of your passport has expired and you can request a new one.
Do not wait until the expiration of your current passport to request another.

To request a new passport, go to How to get a passport.

Passport Under 18s

When dealing with children aged under 18, permission will be required of both parents or legal guardian, Authorization Form for Obtaining Passport for Minor, except in cases of termination of disability provided by law.

In the event of a minor under legal custody of a parent, it is not possible the attendance of another, or your authorization in the Authorization Form for Obtaining Passport for Minor, will be indispensable judicial authorization. The approval of parents, the consent form, you can accomplish the following:

I - either by signing the form, in the presence of the server responsible for the conference documents;
II - attending only one parent, the signature on this consent form and:

a) the submission of death certificate of the other parent;
b) recognizing, for authenticity, the firm's other parent on the consent form;
c) the other parent's signature on the consent form, transmitted via facsimile or electronic mail, another unit of the DPF or Brazilian consular office abroad, conferred by the server transmitting unit properly identified in the document;
d) the presentation of specific public attorney, authorizing the issuance of a passport for the child, granted by one parent to another, drawn up in notarial division in Brazil or a Brazilian consular office abroad, with validity period not exceeding one year.

- It is possible the attendance of any of the parents in the unit FPD, the consent form must be replaced by:

I - specific public attorney, authorizing the issuance of a passport for the child, granted by both parents the bigger person, drawn up in notarial division in Brazil or a Brazilian consular office abroad, with validity period not exceeding one year;
II - specific public attorney, authorizing the issuance of a passport for the child, granted by both parents the bigger person, drawn up in notarial foreign division, accompanied by a translation by a sworn translator and duly consularized, with validity period not exceeding one year.

- If the previous item, the smaller will be represented by the attorney who will attend the DPF unit, along with the child.
- The parents, legal guardian or the prosecutor must prove the identity by submitting one original of any of the documents listed on the "necessary documentation".

New Passport

The new model of common Brazilian passport has to be issued in 2006. With hood of blue, according to the pattern established by Mercosur, and has several new security items to hinder counterfeiting. The changes implemented following the international safety standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Types of new passport

- Blue: ordinary passport;
- Green: Passport Service officer;
- Red: diplomatic;
- Brown: called "laissez-passer" to travel to countries that do not maintain diplomatic relations with Brazil;
- Yellow: for foreign refugees, stateless or asylees in Brazil;
- Sky Blue: emergency passport.

Note: In the first phase (second half 2006) model only come into common use, and others subsequently adopted and until that time, still being used today's notebook models, except for an emergency passport that does not exist today.

Safety elements of the new passport

1. Two-dimensional barcode;
2. Fund with microletras;
3. Iris print with background;
4. Background printing invisible;
5. Intaglio printing with latent image;
6. Intaglio printing ink OVI (optically variable);
7. Laminated safety - protection of data;
8. Watermark positioned mold made;
9. Paper fibers visible and invisible;
10. Paper with security thread;
11. Role reactive chemicals;
12. Paints sensitive to abrasion and solvents;
13. Stitching thread luminescent bicolor;
14. Conical laser drilling;
15. Assembly of pages with tailpiece;
16. Paging electrotype watermark.

Note: Where the applicant's passport is identified in the DPF will be harvested their biometrics: fingerprints, digital photography and digitized signature. These data will be stored in the database of the Federal Police, and the picture will be inserted in the optical band in the existing two-dimensional page data variables of the new passport can be read by special machines that exist in the immigration checkpoints in Brazil and abroad.

Control System

The design of the new passport includes, besides the establishment of a new booklet, a complete control system to be installed at all ports, airports and border points. This system will rely on mechanical scanning of the documents in the surveillance of international traffic. The project of installation of the new Control System and the replacement of the old model of the new passport was the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Justice, through the Federal Police Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Office for Processing Data (SERPRO) and the Mint of Brazil.

Safe and modern new Brazilian passport provides flexibility, convenience and comfort to citizens. The advanced technology used in this project offers excellent protection against attempt at tampering or counterfeiting.


By placing the page against the light gets to display the Arms of the Republic, the word "Brazil" and the page numbering in electrotype.

Security Thread

Inserted into the body of the paper, with 1.3 mm wide, contains the Brazilian national flag and stylized in its original colors, alternating position with the word "Brazil" which is presented alternately mirrored.

Sewing Line

Composed of three strands of high quality and is a thread in the green and two yellow, the latter with red luminescence under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Fund invisible

Presents the Arms of the Republic, page numbering and a banner with the words "FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL" with red luminescence under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Special Funds

Funds in the iris, with fragments of text numismatic "FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL" and stylized design of the Brazilian national flag, microletras positive and negative arms of the Republic, the geometric pattern of rosettes and guilloche printing.


By placing the book at eye level, horizontal position and under a light source, you get the view of the word "BRAZIL" inside the stripe Calcográfica composed of stylized Brazilian national flag.

Optically Variable Ink

By changing the viewing angle, you get the color variation from magenta to green on the rectangle that contains the leak of the letters "BRA".

Laser drilling

With tapered holes and alphanumeric code comprising two letters and six digits.

Identification Page

Diagrammed as the ICAO Document 9303, containing variable data for personalization, color photo and bar codes and OCR type with two-dimensional biometric and biographical data of the carnet holder, protected by laminated safety

Laminated safety

Holographic film which protects the data variables, adhesive, hot, presenting the Arms of the Republic, the map of Brazil, the word "BRAZIL" and the letters "BRA".

PFor more information: 55 61 3311-8410 or visit:

Loss, Theft and Loss of Passport

Decree No. 1983 of August 14, 1996, provides:

"Art 2nd Passport is the identification of federal property, due to all who want to undertake international travel, except in cases provided for in treaties, agreements and other international acts.

Art. 33. It is the duty of the holder forthwith to the nearest issuing authority, the occurrence of lost, stolen, theft, tampering, destruction, total or partial destruction of the travel document as well as his recovery, when appropriate. "

In the situations listed above the passport holder must appear in the unity of the DPF provided with identity documents and complete the form "Notice of Occurrence with Travel Document."


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